Bird Watching by Lila Morrill

According to The New York Times, the population of birds in North America has declined by 29 percent, or 2.9 billion birds, since 1970. Yet despite the insecurity of their presence in our lives, besides my grandparents, I don’t know of many people who take any time to appreciate birds and the beauty they offer. They are not only pretty to look at but, as the US Forest Service states, “birds perform significant ecosystem services with consequences for human health and well-being, including pest control, sanitation, seed dispersal and pollination” as well. The bird population declining is a symptom of the larger climate crisis at hand: “because birds are relatively easy to identify and measure and their responses to environmental perturbation are relatively well known, they are useful as indicators of ecological change (US Forest Service).” If birds are experiencing worsening living conditions, so are the rest of the wildlife around them. Birds are only one element of our environment that we can tend to take for granted. Hand-painted by Bay Area high schoolers, each of the clay birds in this project serves as a reminder for our community to recognize the beauty in the world around us. Our gratitude for our surroundings can influence us to make more sustainable choices as we move about our lives. 


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This project was created by Lila Morrill for Advocacy Through Art. Advocacy Through Art aims to use art to foster awareness regarding important issues in the youth community. We are a collective of Bay Area high schoolers who are passionate about using art to facilitate conversations regarding important issues in our community.